Simon Edwards

Broadcast Camera Op
DOP / Lighting Camera


Contact details:

T: +44 (0)7831 622154


I am a lighting cameraman/DP with wide range of experience on all types of productions from corporate and TV docs through to features and commercials, as well as single and multi camera work. Working throughout the UK and overseas, I have travelled extensively and have considerable experience and expertise dealing with the complexities of working in unusual and challenging environments, be that the Arctic Circle, the Empty Quarter in the UAE or just a typical English summer!

Over my career I have shot on every format from Super8 to 4K and have experience on every camera platform currently in use.

GenreCompany Project/BrandRoleDirectorDateEquipmentProducerSound Recordist
BroadcastTV AsahiYonex All England Championships - FeaturesLighting CameraTsutomo SomuraMar-18PMW500T SomuraGeraint Lewis
OnlineTrifilmsFacebook Vision ResearchDoPMadi PhillipsMar-18C300Mk2M PhillipsGeraint Lewis
CorporateArconicVP "Town Hall"DoPAngela ScottMar-18F5A ScottAdam Tavner
BroadcastITV StudiosPeston on Sunday Lighting CameraVariousFeb-18PMW500VariousNA
BroadcastBBC UnscriptedMary, Mel & Sue’s Big Christmas ThankyouLighting CameraChris FaithOct-17F5Kevin Meredith
BroadcastBBCAntiques Roadshow Lighting Camera & Camera SupervisorVarious (3 series)Oct-17F5Simon BrantJo Manly
BroadcastRDF WestDickinsons Real Deal Lighting CameraVarious (9 series)Nov-17PMW500John MillerVarious
CorporateArconicQC-10DoP/directorSEJul-17F5A. ScottAdam Tavner
BroadcastBBC BristolFlog It!Lighting CameraVariousNov-17PMW500A. LoweVarious
OnlineCMGBarton HTPDoPSarah AdamsMay-17PMW500S. AdamsVarious

Useful info:

  • Full, clean UK driving Licence
  • Working french
  • Enhanced DBS
  • FCPX edit experience
  • Remote head experience