We are a film crew agency and film crew diary service covering the Northern UK including Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds & Scotland

Suz Cruz North is a premium film crew diary service and crewing company spanning across all northern regions of the United Kingdom

Suz Cruz North is the northern franchise of the respectable and well known Suz Cruz. Established in 2017, SCN has already taken the northern regions of the UK by storm.

We connect high end local crew to productions filming in the North. All of our crew are vetted before we recommend them to production companies.

We’ve been busy crewing for hundreds of productions across England and Scotland whilst managing the diaries of the best northern talent.

Now when we say the North, we don’t just mean the North of England. We have crew on our diaries based in Scotland, the North West, the Midlands, The North East, Yorkshire, pretty much anywhere north of the M25, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and see how far our crew list spans.

And that goes for crew too. We are always interested in hearing from crew from all regions. With the Suz Cruz North diary service, you should never miss a job again. We can manage your bookings as well as widening your network and putting you forward for jobs that come through to us. No more chasing pencils on your tea breaks. It’s our job to make your life easier.

Crew Categories

Suz Cruz North

If you’re looking for Northern film & TV freelance film crew you’re simply a few clicks away.  Please get in touch if you need any of the following roles to crew up your production. Camera Department - 1st& 2ndACs, Camera Trainees, DOPs, Lighting/Camera, DITs, Playback Ops, Grips. Floor department - 1stADs, 2ndADS, 3rdAds, Floor Runners. Sound Department - Sound Recordists, Boom Ops, Sound Trainees.  Production Department -  Producers, Production Managers, PAs, Runners. Art Department -  Designers, Art Directors, Buyers, Stylists, Art Department Assistants. Costume Departments – Costume Designer, Costume Supervisor, Costume Assistants.

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