Why choose Suz Cruz North?

The benefits of a Diary Service are never-ending. Have you ever been on a busy shoot, in a studio or on location with zero signal? Have you ever missed a call for a potential job to later find out the position has already been filled? It’s time to take the sting out of freelancing and let SCN take control.

Representing the best of freelance talent, as part of the Suz Cruz North family we take calls for you when you are working, manage your diary and chase pencils so you don’t have to. SCN benefits both crew and production companies, offering top of the line crew vetted by us to make sure companies get reliable and professional crew.

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1. Full Diary Service Subscription

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• List your CV/show reel ** on our website under our diary management listing with a full crew profile

• We can take all calls for your bookings

• We give clients an immediate answer on your availability

• We chase your pencils and confirm bookings

• We can take 2nd, 3rd pencils etc so you never miss a potential booking

• Our details including our logo can be used on your CV, email, voicemail, website, show reel so you never miss a call

• Your CV goes out to companies on a priority list for any jobs coming in to Suz Cruz North and no further fees are due


2. Crew Database Listing

Cost: 10% booking fee per job

• Your CV is kept on our database

• If a client is looking for crew that can not be filled through our subscribers, then we will put your CV forward after checking your availability.

• A 10% booking fee is due to Suz Cruz North for that job any subsequent jobs with that client for a negotiated period. This percentage fee is reduced on longer term jobs.

Interested in joining our crew?

All applications are reviewed by us so that we can really make the most of your experience and expertise. We’ll be in touch with you shorttly, just leave your details here.