Leighton Cox

Leighton Cox


Leighton is a camera operator with 10 years experience in the dynamic environments of documentary television, studio based factual entertainment and travelling the world for commercials and branded content. In his most recent work, All or Nothing: Manchester City - a documentary series following the 1st team over the 2017/18 season, Leighton had day to day experience of filming actuality sequences, on the street vox pops mixed with high profile sit down interviews and long lens match coverage. Being adaptable to any situation makes him a valuable camera operator with a wealth of experience in any situation. Leighton has recently taken his operating skills to the next level after completing the highly respected Steadicam Workshop by Tiffen. Complete with his own set up made of Tiffen's flagship rig and his operating experience makes Leighton a great choice for the most demanding of shoots.




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