John S Morris

John S Morris


Since early 2014 I have gained knowledge and practice working in the grip department. I trained as a certified grip trainee for 4 years, learning how to operate different models of dollies from Chapman, Fisher and Panther. I assisted qualified grips laying simple and complex track and dance floors. Under Level 3 supervision I rigged vehicle camera mounts for standard shots and stunt sequences. On the 7th of September 2018 I decided to step up from a trainee grip, to take on work as a grip (see credentials below). Working as a grip I have increased my skill set and knowledge working with a range of camera operators including Gareth Hughes GBCT and DOP’s including Rob Hardy BSC but also alongside crane technicians to set up, operate and de-rig telescopic cranes and jib arms (Supertechnos, Moviebirds, Scorpios, Giraffe crane, Fisher model 23 sectional jib arm, GF Multi-jib etc). In August 2021 I completed my Level 2 Diploma in Professional Competence for Grips. My personal grip equipment consists of a Car rig with two levelling heads, Creeper Butt Dolly and a set of apple boxes. Additional grip equipment I can source via rental houses or other grip contacts I have.


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