Ashley Saunders

Ashley Saunders

Camera Trainee, Production Runner / Runner Driver / Floor Runner

Camera trainee with a background in videography and editing in premiere pro as well as data wrangling with Silverstack. As of 2022, I've worked on various HETV and Film productions as well as Commercials and Corporate shoots. I keep observing and learning from my camera team so as to anticipate their needs and support them as best as I can. I'm familiar and comfortable with cabling equipment, stands, and batteries which I can maintain and take responsibility for throughout my time on set. I'm experienced with Vaxis and Teradek systems, supporting monitoring processes for Script, Director, Checks and Clients. I'm competent in driving Transit and Luton vans, working with camera rental houses to pack their vans and drive gear to set. I have a clean driving license and my own car with business insurance. My home is Manchester, travel to Yorkshire is very easy, I have bases in Liverpool and near London as well but I'm generally able to travel wherever the work is.

 07492 947613

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