Alex Coleborn

Alex Coleborn

1st AC / Focus Puller

Alex is a Manchester based focus puller who has spent his last 3 years working his craft with diligence and efficiency.

He approaches each job with equal measure of creative & technical ability, always finding new ways to improve his workflow, coincident with the newest kit releases; to give his DP’s the creative space & time they need with more takes and less waiting. As a problem solver at heart, it became apparent that owning his own kit package was an instrumental option for productions to keep setups and location moves efficient, resulting in a reliable, easy shooting regiment for fast long form narrative or day-to-day commercial work.

With experience in 16mm, Virtual Production, Gimbal and Steadi/AR, Alex builds slim profile, quick release rigs to jump from stabiliser to handheld work in seconds. He prides himself on the speed, accuracy and adaptability of his work, using the Cine RT in conjunction with the WCU-4, he's proven to pick up the handset and keep it sharp whatever the challenges or conditions are."


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