Benji Thomas

Benji Thomas

3rd AD, Production Runner / Runner Driver / Floor Runner

Benji has a background in both the hospitality and music industries; This shows in his ability to manage and anticipate the needs of crew and talent, particularly high profile or child talent.

Benji is also skilled with all kinds of people, from wrangling large amounts of SA’s to arranging access for the perfect camera vantage point in a busy London high street from a balcony that hadn’t been opened in 50 years, or convincing the manager of a Central London car hire business to allow crew parking when there was no other available.

Additionally, having worked in landscaping and construction, he is physically strong and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty- which significantly helps with tricky de-rigs.

Now Manchester based, Benji is incredibly excited to be back in the North and to hit the ground running: feel free to call him anytime- last minute jobs and problem solving are a speciality.

Additionally, a skilled researcher, having fact checked, sourced and edited The Perimenopause Manual (ISBN 979-8687221900) and published in The Oxford Blue and The Guardian.


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